Art Commissions Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement:


  1. I, the artist, have full rights over the artwork, which includes the right of using the artwork to promote my work. It may or may not be displayed on my website and social media for my portfolio purposes.

  2. The client does not have the right to edit, modify, copy, or trace the commissioned work and claim it as their own taking full credit for it especially on social media.

  3. The client may distribute/upload my artwork on social media for free on the condition that the client will be crediting me properly. You can use it as a profile picture even if the signature is cropped because of the settings of the app or website.

  4. You, the client, may not make any money out of the commissioned work in way or for, (for example, by selling it).

  5. The client may not remove the signature or credit from the commissioned work.




  1. Payment will be done online through PayPal in USD upfront.

  2. Should there be any issues, the client may pay in two stages as long as it is still upfront.

  3. I, the artist, will not begin or finish any artwork unless I have been paid the full payment.

  4. I, the artist, will send you, the client, the Agreement and Receipt form before I send you the invoice. You must sign the form first.

  5. In the case of an emergency, you need the money you have paid me, and the commissioned work is still a work in progress, please inform me so we can figure out a solution. Putting the work on hold will be the best option until you can afford it. Further detailed will be discussed privately.



Refund/ Cancelation:

  1. Should you, the client, wish to cancel the artwork I, the artist, will refund you a percentage of the payment depending on the stage I am in. Make sure to check the progress with me to know how much you will be refunded if you wish to cancel.

  2. There will be no refund on completed work. Make sure to talk to me about any changes until you are completely satisfied.

  3. There will be a full refund if I, the artists, cancel the work.



Contacting the client or the artist:

  1. I, the artist, will take responsibility for contacting you, the client, about the progress of the artwork, or if I have a question for you regarding the artwork.

  2. You, the client, will take full responsibility of contacting me, the artist, regarding the artwork’s changes, adding, or cancelation. Do not wait to the last minute! As I, the artist will not do major changes towards the end of the artwork progress.



Termination of the work:

  1. Should the client fail at paying within 60 days of receiving the Agreement and Receipt form and the invoice the order will get automatically discarded.

  2. Should I, the artist, fail to complete the artwork, you, the client, will receive 100% refunds and the work will be discarded.



Additional terms:

  1. You, the client, must send me visual reference alongside written reference. I will not be able to work without them. Written reference is not enough. You must send a visual reference.

  2. I, the artist, will take responsibility for directing you on how to give me clear references just in case.

  3. I, the artist, have the right to decline any commissioned work I do not wish to work on for any reason.

  4. Make sure to back up the artwork once you receive it. I might clear out my drive or it might go down.

  5. All of my work will be digital, there will be no shipments.

  6. I am not obligated to redo any commission for free if my artistic abilities improved.

  7. Commissions are for personal use. If you would like to commission for commercial work, please inform me.

  8. Should the client request a work in progress photo, I will be sending a lower quality file with a watermark. It is a procedure many artists take to protect their work from being stolen. The finished work will be in the proper quality (300 dpi or 350 dpi).



Can you negotiate with the prices?

No, those are flat rate prices. Those prices are fair for the time and effort I will be putting in each artwork I create. In addition to lowering the prices from what I have found online to make them more accessible. If I charge by the hour the prices will be too high.



How long are you going to wait to receive the artwork?


It depends on what number you are on the commission list and if you have provided all the information. The Time Table is a rough estimated time, it is subject to change. I will contact you in between to let you know about the progress. In addition, you can check my Commissions Status Board for immediate information. 


What is the difference between a request and a commission?

A request is asking politely or formally for something. When you are asking for a request, I have all the rights of the drawing. More importantly, I choose the complexity of the art, if and where I publish it, when to start and when to finish it and lastly, I choose if I get to do it or not. Nobody is paying me for the time and effort I put in the requested piece. I ask you to not republish, trace, copy, edit or claim credit over any of my requested art. Contact me before posting it to social media. I might not like the work and not want it to be uploaded.


A commission is an order for something to be produced in response to such an order. It means to buy something, you pay for what you ask for. You choose the complexity of the art and pay accordingly.


The work I accept to do:

  1. Chibi (cute characters style)

  2. Some animal features (ex. Ears, tail, scales etc.).

  3. Fan art.

  4. Couples.

  5. Simple character design.

  6. Geometric artworks.



The work I do not accept to do:

  1. NSFW.

  2. Robots.

  3. Realism.

  4. Fetishes.

  5. Nudity.

  6. Offensive topics.


*Make sure to check my portfolio to check the kind of art I make and the style.

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