• Can you negotiate with the prices?


No, those are flat rate prices. Since I am not being paid by the hour I believe that those prices are fair for the time and effort I will be putting in each artwork I create. In addition to already lowering the prices from what I have found online to make them more accessible.




  • How long are you going to wait to receive the artwork?


It depends on what number you are on the commission list and if you have provided all the information. I will contact you in between to let you know about the progress. In addition, you can check on the progress of the work in my Commissions Status Board




  • What is the difference between a request and a commission?


A request is asking politely or formally for something. When you are asking for a request I basically have all the rights of the drawing. I choose the complexity of the art. I choose where to publish it. I choose when to start and when to finish it. Most importantly, I choose if I get to do it or not. Nobody is paying me for the time and effort I put in the piece. In addition, I ask you to not republish any of my requested art.


A commission is an order for something to be produced in response to such an order. It means to buy something, you pay for what you ask for. You choose the complexity of the art and pay accordingly.




  • What is the difference between and emoji or a sticker?


They are the same, some applications use different naming. A sticker, in general, have backgrounds while emojis don’t. In addition, they are bigger in size.

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