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Step 1: Make sure of the status of the desired commissions is open.

Step 2: Read my Terms of Agreement.

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You will be contacted for further instructions.By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Agreement. If you have any questions email me from the Contact Page.

Prices are Listed Below


Commission Type:

Sketch                                                             10$ (add character +5$ for each)

Colored Sketch                                              15$ (add character +10$ for each)

Line Art (Black and White)                            25$ (add character +10$ for each)

Colored (Monochrome)                                 35$ (add character +15$ for each)

Colored (Base)                                               35$ (add character +20$ for each)

Full Color                                                       60$ (add character +40$ for each)

Background Service:

15% extra of the original commission type price; in addition, prices will differ based on complexity.

Simple one color with or without an organic shape                                                                                          (default)

Simple scenery, NOT interacting with the character                                                                                                +10$

Simple scenery, WITH interacting with the character             +20$ (+15$ for each additional interacting character)

Elemental background                                                                                                                                               +30$

Details Background (this will not be interacting with the character)                                                                      +70$

Body Service:

Bust                                                                                    (default)

Waist                             +10$ (+10 for each additional character)

Full Body                       +20$ (+25 for each additional character)

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